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  • PS-K027

    PS-K027 was design with a brilliant concept in mind. What if you could not only power a light bulb through mains power and solar, but keep in on long after the power supply has gone? Introducing our first attempt at a solar powered UPS LED bulb. An incredible unit which comes with two solar powered bulbs that compliment any indoor or outdoor security lights. The bulbs are unique in that they can be charge through solar, by micro-USB and directly through mains supply via an E27 lamp holder. Each bulb offers 320 lumens when attached through mains supply and 130 lumens output through DC (Solar/UPS) power for 4 hours.

    PS-K027 is designed to used as either a portable and stationary light. As a portable light it comes with a E27 screw cap holder with builtin hook for mounting on a wall or ceiling and to turn it on. Furthermore it has the ability to charge phones making it a versatile tool in your household. As a stationary kit it can attached to any E27 screw lamp holder. Whilst mains power is on it can be used like any normal light bulb with the added incentive that its built battery stores power. That way when power does go off these light will remain on when all else goes out.

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  • PS-L050

    PS-L050 is our most innovative light we’ve produced for children and that is because it was designed by kids. We had i simple concept in mind  “Could we turn an object a child uses everyday into a solar lamp?”. This is what they came up with, a simple light, that they can attach to a plastic bottle that they would’ve thrown away that is reusable. Not only is it an excellent choice for replace candles and kerosene, It offers up to 40 lumens of light in its highest lighting mode, lasting up to 4 hours and 20 lumens for more than 8 hours as a reading light.

    PS-L050 has robust design and IP65 protection can handle any weather condition or kids activity and it comes with a built-in micro-USB port, which allows fast charging through mains supply. It comes with a durable strap that can attached onto a wall, ceiling, key chain or a school bag.



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  • PS-L070

    PS-L070 combines the portability of a flashlight and the affordability of our entry lights. Designed for general or emergency use for farmers, technicians and security employees, It offers up to 40 lumens of light in torch mode, lasting up to 2 hours and 20 lumens for more than 4 hours as a reading light.

    PS-L070 has robust design and IP65 protection can handle any weather condition or activity on site and it comes with a built-in micro-USB port, which allows fast charging through mains supply.



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  • PS-L090

    PS-L090 is our latest all-in-one solar lantern we’ve added to our inventory that has the highest luminescence in its class. Sturdy, portable and long lasting, this model offers a big output in a small package. It comes with five brightness modes offering the highest lumen outputs in its product line at 220 for a run time of 6 hours, 140 lumens on brighter setting for 9 hours, 80 lumens on bright for 27 hours, 45 lumens as a reading light for 33 hours and 35 lumens as a bed light for 72 hours.

    PS-L090 comes with an integrated 3.4W solar panel, a micro-USB for fast charging through mains supply, the ability to charge mobile phones. Its unique design hides a wide angle lens that allows it to disperse light further covering more areas in a room.

    PS-L090 has sleek sturdy design and IP65 protection that can handle any weather condition or activity on site. I comes with a glow in the dark strap for easy identification that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

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  • SR11


    SR11 is a sleek, portable lantern and power bank for phone charging in its class. It offers up to 50 lumens of light in its highest light and torch mode, that lasts for an impressive 15 hours. Its first setting uses a comfortable 20 lumens lasting for more than 30 hours. These brightness levels are excellent conditions for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

    SR11 is a great addition to our line of entry-level solar light solutions. An affordable, all-in-one solar lamp with 2 brightness modes and water and dust protection (IP65) make it the ideal companion for daily usage no matter how the weather looks like for complete independence.

    SR11 is a versatile product that can be used in many situations. Not only is it the perfect reading light, but its adjustable handle allows it to be free standing and hung on any wall, or ceiling to illuminate a room.



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